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  • ​Euro Nymphing Foundation
  • ​Euro Nymphing Gear
  • ​Euro Nymphing Rigs/Leader Setup
  • ​Sighter Options
  • ​Weighted Flies
  • ​Casting Euro Leader Setups
  • ​Executing Euro Nymphing Strategies
  • ​Fighting and Landing Fish
  • ​Confidence Flies
  • ​Advanced Casting Strategies
  • ​Overcoming Casting Mistakes
  • ​Drift Management
  • ​Strike Detection
  • ​Stream Positioning and Approach
  • ​Advanced Euro Rigs/Leaders
  • ​Overcoming the Wing
  • ​Picking Weights and Sizes of Flies
  • ​Temperature and Trout Metabolism
  • ​Selecting Water Types
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  • ​Water Type Breakdowns and Strategies
  • ​How to Fish Pocket Water
  • ​How to Fish Riffles
  • ​How to Fish Runs
  • ​How to Fish Pools
  • ​How to Fish Glides
  • ​How to Fish Bank-Side Lies
  • ​How to Fish Eddies
  • ​Presentation Dry Fly Leader Diagram
  • ​Micro Thin Euro Leader Diagram
  • ​Streamer Leader Diagram

And Much Much More!

(Over 5 Hours of Instruction, 103 Lessons and Growing)

What Others Think of Modern Nymphing Masterclass...

Nic H.

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"Modern Nymphing Masterclass is a complete game changer! Even as a beginner, as soon as I started fishing with a Euro rig I was out-fishing my friends at least double! Now that I have more practice with these techniques I consistently catch way more fish than my friends with indicator rigs! 11/10 recommend this class to get you started!"

Derek K.

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"Save yourself hours of searching through articles and videos on how to Euro nymph and get the Modern Nymphing Masterclass! Lance and Devin do an awesome job explaining everything you need to know to catch more fish! Do yourself a favor and get the Modern Nymphing Masterclass, you won't regret it!"

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NEW Bonus Content!

On top of the modern nymphing courses we've added Additional content

  • New Content: As we continue to improve upon these techniques we'll share this knowledge with you.
  • Clean Up Game: We take note of the struggles some anglers have with these methods, and the videos in this section will add additional clarification to help you master these techniques.

Our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to MASTER Euro Nymphing Techniques!

Modern Nymphing Masterclass
Membership Includes

  • Modern Nymphing Course ($97 Value)
  • Modern Nymphing Elevated Course ($97 Value)
  • Adaptive Fly Fishing Course ($97 Value)
  • The Cleanup Game​ ($97 Value)
  • ​Combined 103+ Lessons
  • ​Over 5 Hours of Fly Fishing Instruction
  • ​Access to All Future Content in This Course
  • ​30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Modern Nymphing Course

$97 (Value)

Modern Nymphing Elevated Course

$97 (Value)

Adaptive Fly Fishing Course

$97 (Value)

The Cleanup Game

$97 (Value)

Over 5 Hours of Content (103 Chapters) and Growing!

Access to All Future Content Added to This Course

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Total Value $388


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